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                  We Are In The "Service" Business...Property Management Is Our Niche!!  

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Joyce Ohlwiler, Property Mgr.
LYNX Properties
473 S. River Rd. #1-250
Saint George, Utah  84790

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Whether you’re a real estate rental property owner, long term tenant, or a vacation property customer, there are major differences in the services you’ll receive from real estate and property management companies. You see, there are real estate offices that provide property management services as a sideline to their other real estate sales business. Then there are companies like LYNX Properties  that focus on property management. Whether you’re an owner or a renter. We "zero in" on your needs and total satisfaction.

LYNX Properties  has been a property management company in Saint George for many years. We know the area, the recreation spots, the schools, and we also know any rental restrictions. We understand the needs of both owners and renters. Let us help you manage your rental property... or let us help you FIND a home to rent!!

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Have a St. George area business?  Visit our sister company Valuation Masters for complete business and stigmatized real estate valuations.

For Owners

Photo of rental home

Property Management!  As a property owner you’re very concerned about property management services and the company that supplies it! A high level of "service" is the only way in which  LYNX Properties  operates. While state laws regulate certain aspects and procedures in property management, at  LYNX Properties  we take a stronger and more "service oriented" approach to the handling of your rents and the care of your property.  Hopefully, you want a company with property management training and expertise!  Yes, there's more to choosing a management company just based only their property management fee. 

When you have a home to rent - there's more to property management than just collecting rent and caring for property condition. From renting your property to the best tenants - there are also lots of smaller tasks, all important to the end result. Poor tenants can result in lost rent, property damage, and other issues. These are not things you want to experience as a rental property owner.
We work hard to make sure you don’t.

For Tenants


We talk to people every day, some own homes and many other people rent. People rent houses for many reasons, and our focus is on every LYNX Properties  rental property customer’s complete satisfaction. You should in every way possible enjoy your rental home and all aspects of your residence. Our job is to provide safe and comfortable rental property and management services with minimal intrusion. We take that responsibility seriously, from efficient property maintenance request procedures to staff availability for your questions and requests.

Southern Utah owners will find that LYNX Properties is known for service and we’re highly recommended by our clients and customers. In fact, the majority of our business is from referrals from delighted customers. Our tenants regularly bring us friends and associates when our units go vacant. Experience the LYNX Properties  difference in the St George area rental market.